Flavored green tea with major notes of mango, lemon and rose.



Flavored green tea with major notes of mango, lemon and rose.

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I heart and I share

‘Comme tu le sais… ‘, a flavored green tea with notes of lemon and mango that I cannot resist
I can assure you! I am way too generous by nature, I forgive too easily! It's so awful.

You only need to ask and I will simply answer:
‘I am willing to think about it and to see if… but show me your willingness by preparing a teapot of my favorite flavored green tea! Which one?
You know which one! The one with delicious flavors of mango, lemon, roses, the one that is full of cornflower petals making it so pretty, ... the one with tart notes that is dear to me, that one enchanting my sunny afternoons.'

And while I am enjoying every cup of this nectar, I forget all the causes of my trouble.
Finally, a tea that looks like me ... full of sweetness and of lightness, so divine, way too good. Life is so unfair.

Would you like to learn more about this green tea?
Josette will reveal some of its secrets under the '+ info' tab…

Time 2 - 3 min
Temperature 175°F
Time of the day All day
Origin China


MAJOR NOTES: Mango, lemon, rose.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea (Origin: China), Zests of lemon, Cornflower Petals, Rose Petals, Flavors (Mango, Lemon).

COLOR IN THE CUP: Light yellow


INFUSION TIME: 2 to 3 minutes

TEMPERATURE: 175 °F (80°C)

Ingredients other than tea and/or infusion plants don't exceed 5% of the composition.
Keep away from light, air and humidity.
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea

Well... and why not these ones?(I will say that they are for Albert)