Flavored green tea with major notes of mandarin and ginger.



Flavored green tea with major notes of mandarin and ginger.

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‘Petite Ourse’, a flavored green tea with notes of citrus fruits and spices, that is part of the special edition ‘SOME AMONG US ARE CONTEMPLATING THE STARS’ (‘Certains parmi nous sont en train de regarder les étoiles’) offering you the story of 3 constellations, 3 moments of escape, 3 invitations to sublime the imagination.

North, let us discover the renowned ‘Petite Ourse’, with the brightest star, stamping the North Pole and whose cove points the way to the light. From the latin Ursa Minor, this constellation is in Greek Mythology none other than Arcas transformed into a ‘Petite Ourse’ (literally small bear), and condemned to walk around the North Pole by Zeus, his father.

As for THEODOR, ‘Petite Ourse’ is an occasion to immerse ourselves into the delicacies of a flavored green tea with major notes of mandarin and ginger as a reminder of our childhood and our dear Teddy Bear …our little stuffed bear, so reassuring and protective, to whom we dearly hold on for comfort.

Now discover the stories of PERSEUS and PHŒNIX as well.

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Time 1'30 - 2'15 min
Temperature 175°F
Time of the day All day
Origin China


MAJOR NOTES: Mandarin, ginger

INGREDIENTS: Green tea (Origin: China) (88,7%), Pieces of Ginger roots (4%), Flavors (Mandarin, Ginger), Mallow petals, Sunflower petals & Safflower petals.

COLOR IN THE CUP: Golden yellow


INFUSION TIME: 1'30 to 2'15 minutes

TEMPERATURE: 175 °F (80°C)

Keep away from light, air and humidity.
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea

Well... and why not these ones?(I will say that they are for Albert)


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  • I make a donation in order to give smiles to hospitalized or autistic children, THEODOR will double its value.

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