TEA - '1842, 29 AOÛT'

Flavored green tea - Orange blossom & Rose



Flavored green tea - Orange blossom & Rose

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Savor an ‘Impertinence’ green tea

Theodor introduces to you a base of Sencha green tea, accompanied by flavors of orange blossom, grapefruit and almond, for a combination of flavors worthy of an Essence with definite and powerful notes…

The creations you will discover through the ‘Impertinence’ Essence; either they have a black, green or plain tea base, or either an herbal tea plant base; combine power and gustatory pleasure in order to present exquisite blends to the palates in search for flavors.

This ‘Impertinence’ tea offers a round texture in your mouth, enveloping your palate with its delicate flavors. Its beautiful golden yellow color is going to seduce your nostrils and your taste buds at each sip, through its unique and refined perfumes.
A vegan flavored tea which is going to take you away for a journey with great finesse though its notes of almond. If you close your eyes, you can extend this experience and appreciate the vegetable note of rose remaining on the long finish.

A flavored tea that is perfect for the day!

Long whole tea leaves, embellished with a few rose petals coloring this blend, a delicate combination that you will savor with great pleasure, alone or in pleasant company.

This flavored green tea with orange blossom and almond is imbued with sweetness and lightness, so it is a beverage suiting any moment. You will like wake up with its vegetable notes, or to have an afternoon tea break imbued with relaxation…

Short note of the Impertinent Parisian (Creator of this flavored tea…)

“If British people had been Parisian, they probably would have never given Hong Kong back, that they had been granted as a concession, to end the First Opium War…

Well, it probably doesn't mean anything… But I take a malicious pleasure in raising my cup of this ‘1842, 29 août’ flavored green tea which, for sure, must leave a bitter taste in their mouth…I personally love it!”

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Time 2 - 3 min
Temperature 175°F
Time of the day All day
Origin China


MAJOR NOTES: Orange blossom, almond, grapefruit.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea (Origin: China), Orange blossoms (1%), Rose petals, Flavors (Grapefruit, Rose, Almond*, Orange blossom).

COLOR IN THE CUP: Yellow to green


INFUSION TIME: 2 to 3 minutes

TEMPERATURE: 175 °F (80°C)

Ingredients other than tea and/or infusion plants don’t exceed 5% of the composition.
Keep away from light, air and humidity.
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

*Ingredient identified as an allergen

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