Chinese plain black tea.



Chinese plain black tea.

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‘Wulong Rou Gui’, this Chinese plain black oolong tea is also called ‘Tea of the Stones’ because of its production on the rocky slopes of the Wuyi Mountains. We have carefully selected this tea for its profile, because it is both accessible and of a nice quality.

This Oolong tea with a high oxidation (40%) allows you to discover its distinctive flavors, evoking cinnamon and stewed ripe fruits, on a wooded base.

Its powerful but balanced notes are a sublime combination between spices and black fruits that will allow your senses to travel, and are an ideal gateway to the world of black Oolongs. Over the infusions, it will offer a wide variety of aromatic pallets.

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Time 3 - 5 min
Temperature 185°F
Time of the day Morning
Origin China



INFUSION TIME: 3 to 5 minutes


Keep away from light, air and humidity.
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KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

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