Plain Oolong green tea from Formosa.



Plain Oolong green tea from Formosa.

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‘Dong Ding’, a plain Oolong green tea resulting from the greatest gardens in Taiwan.

It is an exceptional harvest and an amazing green Oolong tea, coming from the mountain bearing its name, it comes from one of the most famous and renowned 'Oolong' garden on Formosa.

Its preparation is very long, and that results in a surprising garden that  will enchant tea amateurs.

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Time 2 - 3 min
Temperature 185°F
Time of the day Morning
Origin Formosa


ORIGIN: Formosa

INGREDIENTS: Oolong tea from Formosa.

INFUSION TIME: 2 to 3 minutes


Keep away from light, air and humidity.

KOSHER certified tea


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