Japanese plain green tea.



Japanese plain green tea.

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‘Asagari Baisen-cha’, Japanese green tea, ‘Hôji-cha’ type, produced from high-quality Sencha.

‘Baisen’ is the word used to call roasted green tea resulting from shaded cultures, its parcels are reserved for the most valued of the shadow teas, the ‘Gyokuro’.

Its long brown leaves give off a woody fragrance from a beautiful amber brown liquor, to offer us a surprising woody and roasted cup.

Roasted at about 392°F (200°C), in order to reduce tannins and theine, to suppress any astringency and to make ‘Hôij-cha’ accessible to the greatest number.

Ideal for clearing one’s palate, in Japan, this tea is often offered after a meal, or is even used to match a meal, it accompanies marvelously well fish dishes.

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Time 1'30 - 2 min
Temperature 167 - 175°F
Time of the day All day
Origin Japan



INGREDIENTS: Japanese green tea.

INFUSION TIME: 1'30 to 2 minutes

TEMPERATURE: 167 - 175°F (75 - 80°C)

Keep away from light, air and humidity.
KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

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