Japanese stem tea.



Japanese stem tea.

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This ‘Karigane-Cha Yamawrau’ introduces a stem tea from the best of crops from this Japanese garden that we chose to continue for this spring. It completes the ‘Portraits’ tea collection, next to different origins and offers an alternative to the Japanese ‘Uraka’ Sencha tea, whose flavors remind you more of buttered and herbaceous notes.

It is one Japanese cru with a soft texture on the palate, it will be shared with pleasure between lovers of origin teas. This stem tea will offer you iodic notes accompanied by more floral flavors, the whole ending on a beautiful long finish.

This Japanese stem tea is distinguished by its ‘umami’ aromatic profile, this Japanese fifth flavor that already won a great number of tea lovers over. It is going to seduce your palate at each cup and this year, this crop is presented to you decorated with its brand-new 100g Parisian bag M, a special 15th anniversary edition.

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Temperature 158°F
Time 0'45 - 1'10 min
Time of the day All day
Origin Japan



INGREDIENTS: Green tea from Japan.

INFUSION TIME: 0'45 to 1'10 minutes


Keep away from light, air and humidity.
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KOSHER certified tea | 100 % VEGAN guaranteed

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