Assortment gift set of 50 precious teabags of 2g individually overwrapped. Christmas edition.

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Assortment gift set of 50 precious teabags of 2g individually overwrapped. Christmas edition.

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'Les pieds sur terre - 25 décembre', the Christmas edition of Theodor's gift set bearing the same name, containing 50 precious teabags.

Some among us always keep their ‘feet firmly on the ground’ (‘Les pieds sur terre’) whatever the moment or the mood of the day and have these unexplained desires for cups of reassuring and comforting things.

Is there a better present for a tea amateur or to allow someone to discover tea than to be able to savor according to your mood a multitude of blends?

Is there a better way than to be able to prepare a tea, no matter the place, no matter the hour, accordingly to your mood of the moment, either if it is for a flavored tea, a plain one, a rooibos or even an infusion?

There is nothing simpler or more practical to do that, than a pre-dosed 'precious teabag’, combined with the quality of the best retail tea?

Our gift set ‘Les pieds sur terre' offers a selection of 10 tea references, the most refined ones, among a selection of creations by THEODOR house, individually packed in 'precious teabags’, pre-dosed and coming from all tea universes.

And for Christmas, our gift set is adorned with festive colors, a bright and blazing red, with a cover illustrated by the renowned artist Claudio B.

Here is the selection of our assortment gift set of 50 precious teabags ‘Les pieds sur terre':

Flavored black teas :

Flavored green teas :

Weeds :

  • CARPE DIEM, red rooibos with major notes of red fruits and sugared almond
  • JARDIN DE MAMAN, fruit infusion with major notes of apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and strawberry

Plain teas :

Herbal teas :

  • LES HERBES INSOLENTES, herbal tea with major notes of chamomile, green rooibos, fennel and licorice roots, verbena, red pepper, the whole sugared with blackberry leaves and enhanced by rose petals, orange peels...
  • TILLEUL MENTHE, lime blossom infusion flavored with mint

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‘EARL GREY ROYAL’: Black tea (Origin: China), Cornflower petals, Sunflower petals, Essential oil (Calabrian bergamot).

‘TRAVEL TO INDIA’: Black tea (Origin: India), Cassia, Ginger, Vanilla, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove, Flavors (Vanilla, Masala spices).

‘TRADITIONAL NANAH MAROCCO’: Gunpowder green tea (Origin: China), ‘Nanah’ spearmint leaves, Flavor (Spearmint).

‘SANS DOUTE’: Green tea (Origin: China), Strawberry pieces, Blackberry pieces, Safflower petals, Flavors (Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant).

‘CARPE DIEM’: Red rooibos (Origin: South Africa), Pineapple pieces, Coconut flakes, Strawberry pieces, Flavors (Strawberry, Raspberry, Almond*, Hazelnut*, Cream).

‘JARDIN DE MAMAN’: Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Currants, Rosehip barks, Pineapple pieces, Strawberry pieces, Flavor (Strawberry).

‘STRONG BRITISH BREAKFAST’: Blend of black teas from India (Assam and Darjeeling).

‘DARJEELING G.F.O.P. SUPÉRIEUR’: Black tea from Darjeeling (Origin: India). 

‘LES HERBES INSOLENTES’: Chamomile, Lemongrass, Fennel seeds, Rooibos (Origin : South Africa), Licorice root, Blackberry leaves, Orange peels, Verbena, Brazilian pepper, Rose petals.

‘TILLEUL MENTHE’: Lime blossom (Origin: Bulgaria), Peppermint leaves.
Ingredients other than tea and/or infusion plants don’t exceed 5% of the composition.
Keep away from light, air and humidity.
Non-contractual pictures.
KOSHER certified tea

*Ingredient identified as an allergen

Well... and why not these ones?(I will say that they are for Albert)